Value-Added Service

  Value for Our Cost

1.  We design plans that minimize the cost to the employer using our Retirement Benefits Integrator approach, improving plan ROI.

2. Our hands on, personal and friendly service saves you time and money with managing your retirement plan.

3. Our service model provides oversight and insight, to make sure your plan remains compliant.  You can always access an expert quickly, in the manner you want.

  Proactive Service

1.  We return your calls within one business day.

2.  In the unlikely event of an issue, we will quickly attempt to resolve the problem and advocate on your behalf to ensure a satisfactory resolution.

3. Compared to other top tier TPA firms, we outperform in ALL customer service attributes.

  Business Protocols 

1. We have established protocols and resources to ensure our systems and the platforms' systems are synchronized with current information, minimizing risk of misunderstanding and errors.

2. Our peer review process ensures the highest quality of data, reporting and answers as required by government regulations.

3. We have redundant systems and Disaster Recovery methodologies, ensuring a one-business day return to operations.

4. We have ongoing training, procedures and systems in place to ensure data confidentiality. We engage a third party to conduct a full data security audit every 12 to 18 months.

  Thought Leader

1. We invest in industry training and seek the highest-level certifications for staff, as well as platform training and regulatory updates.

2. We regularly participate in industry forums and councils that focus on best practices, plan design and regulatory compliance topics.

3. We understand how to use your payroll data for maximum benefit.

4. We customize solutions to ease your administrative burdens and provide the best plan design for you. Proper plan design and administration will save your company time and money.