Our Core Services

Our core services fall into the following categories:

  • Plan Design, Set-up, and Document Production – Our expertise in this area will result in the plan design that works best for your company and its employees regardless of its complexity.
  • Initial First-Year Conversion Services – We are an industry leader in conversion turn-around time. We work directly with your current providers allowing you to continue to perform your other duties within the organization. We routinely perform quality control on the accuracy of the data provided to Paragon and when posted to our record keeping alliance’s system.  We feel that this is a critical component of plan installation and the same service is seldom performed by our peers.  The world has seemed to gravitate toward data in, data out due to fee compression.
  • Administration, Reporting and Testing Services – We meet 100% of all reporting deadlines when provided with timely and accurate census information. Also, somewhat unique to Paragon, all work is peer reviewed before it is sent out.

A client’s location is not a detriment to the provision of our services. In fact, we currently have clients in no less than 15 different states.  Although not part of our normal services, we have the ability to conduct employee meetings if the situation warrants the service.