TIPS: Using ShareFile to Send Confidential Data

As a part of our continuing commitment to data security, we wanted to remind you that The Paragon Alliance Group utilizes a secure file sharing service, ShareFile, to transfer sensitive client and plan data via the cloud. This service offers enhanced encryption and additional flexibility for users.  It is very important in this day and age to protect your employee’s confidential information. This is only one of many other measures that we take to protect the confidential information that you provide us and we provide you.

As in the past, you receive the year end data request files via ShareFile. ShareFile is the preferred method of transferring secure data between Paragon and you, as the Plan Administrator (SecureFileX, our previous secure share filing method will no longer be offered as of July 1, 2016).  We urge you to utilize ShareFile to return your year-end data as well as anytime you need to transfer data securely to Paragon (i.e. distribution/enrollment/ loan/other types of forms or files that contain sensitive data).

We would like all of our clients to please continue using this service.  If you have not in the past, we would like for you to start to use this service, as it’s very important to protect your employee’s confidential information.  We have found it to be very user-friendly and we hope that you agree.

Some Helpful Hints:

Upon receiving a file through ShareFile, before making any changes, be sure to immediately save the file(s) to your computer or directory of your choice. Changes made while the file is on the server will be lost.

  • Retrieve your files(s) as soon as possible. Files(s) remain on the server for a maximum of 30 days.
  • You may forward the notification email to another individual in your organization/payroll company, if needed. They will be able to access the file(s) from that email. NOTE:  Please make sure that the notification email is not forwarded to any individual that should not have access to the information if it is confidential. 
  • To securely return the completed file(s) to your Paragon Contact, please visit the ShareFile page on our website under Resources ( and click on the appropriate name from the list.  Alternatively, if you have a link included on an e-mail from one of Paragon’s staff, please click on the link provided.

Please call or e-mail your Paragon Contact if you have any questions or concerns regarding this system.  Paragon takes the transmission of confidential data very seriously. Additionally if you have trouble uploading or downloading a file via ShareFile, please contact us and we will work with you on establishing a secure transmission method.